FAFSA School Codes in Montana

Federal School Codes are unique 6-digit codes assigned to schools in Montana and all other states by the United States Department of Education. The Federal School Code is used on the FAFSA application for student financial aid, and for this reason it is also known as a FAFSA School Code. The primary benefit of the FAFSA application is that it is used to to apply for aid from both the federal government and from Montana at the same time. You can list up to ten Federal School Codes on any one FAFSA application.

Select a school to retrieve its Federal School Code:

Top Schools in Montana

  1. Montana State University
  2. The University of Montana
  3. Montana State University-Billings
  4. Montana Tech of the University of Montana
  5. Flathead Valley Community College
  6. Great Falls College Montana State University
  7. Carroll College
  8. The University of Montana-Western
  9. Montana State University-Northern
  10. Helena College University of Montana
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